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Tourism Ireland promotes ‘Home of Thrones’

Northern Ireland is the Home of Thrones. The popular TV series Game of Thrones was filmed in Belfast and across Northern Ireland. The final season of Game of Thrones has ratcheted up the intensity of HBO’s epic fantasy tale, leaving fans eager for more. After a decade of getting to know the characters and kingdoms, […]

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Titanic artefacts may return to Belfast

A £14 million bid to buy a collection of more than 5,500 artefacts from the RMS Titanic wreck site and bring them to Belfast, where the ship’s journey began, has been launched. Source: Tourism Ireland

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Exploring the Parliament Buildings in Belfast

Parliament Buildings, located in the Stormont Estate area of Belfast, is the seat of the Northern Ireland Assembly, which had previously housed the defunct Parliament of Northern Ireland. Source: Expedia

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Game of Thrones tours launched in Dubrovnik and Belfast

Ardent fans of the American epic fantasy television drama series ‘Game of Thrones’ can now visit the exclusive sites that were made famous by the television drama on new walking tours around Belfast, Northern Ireland and Dubrovnik, Croatia. The tours will take visitors to some of the most popular filming locations with trained guides who know about the […]

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