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Dubai Airports readies for ban on single-use plastics

Change is coming to the world of air travel as the self-imposed deadline looms for a ban on all single-use plastics at the world’s busiest international airport, Dubai International (DXB). Announced by the operator, Dubai Airports, Dubai’s two airports (DXB and DWC) will soon be free of single-use plastics in a bid to manage environmental […]

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Alphons assures support to PETA to ban elephant rides

Ingrid Newkirk, Founder, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) recently called on K J Alphons, Minister of State for Tourism, Government of India, and submitted 63,000 digitally-signed appeals from tourists requesting a ban on elephant rides. The petition was a result of a viral video which showed that the elephant being used for […]

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Bahrain hotels seek to lift live music ban

There was ban on live music in a strand of four star hotels in Bahrain, they started to reapply for entertainment licences in expectation of the Christmas and New Year celebrations. Hameed Al Halwachi, Culture Ministry, had announced that the ban was temporary and the hospitality sector as a whole had been adversely affected which […]

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Government plans to lift ban on tourist satellite phones

To strengthen the framework for tourism, the Government of India is finally considering lifting the ban on use of satellite phones, a much awaited demand of adventure travellers. Once into effect, the adventure tourists can use satellite phones for any emergency while trekking in the deep jungles of north-east or skiing in the slopes of […]

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Zambia lifts ban over safari hunting

The government announced that Zambia has finally scraped the ban it had on safari hunting after losing much tourism revenue. However, the government also added that lions and leopards will remain protected. “The suspension of safari hunting is hereby lifted,” Tourism and Arts Minister Jean Kapata said. “The suspension of cat hunting shall still remain […]

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‘Horseless eCarriages’ introduced in New York City

An electric car, speculated to replace the famous horse-drawn carriages in New York City was presented at the New York International Auto Show. The “Horseless eCarriage” prototype was commissioned by NYCLASS, a non-profit animal advocacy organisation, which believes that it’s inhumane to have the horses toiling in an urban environment. The prototype car is designed […]

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Government bans public nudity at Machu Picchu

The mysterious and beautiful ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru have always been a major tourist attraction. However, the Peruvian government is facing some challenges regarding “public nudity” at this sacred, “Lost City of the Incas”. The government has imposed strict laws to ban tourists from getting naked at Machu Picchu. The officials are facing […]

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Shanghai free-trade zone to get access to foreign news websites

The Shanghai Free Trade Zone (FTZ) in the Pudong district opened for business on September 29, 2013. The aim of the FTZ is to attract foreign investment and business, increase economic activity and inflows into China, as well as to boost massive economic reform. For this, Chinese authorities are set to lift the ban on […]

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