Madhusudan Patidar sets a new trek record, scales fifth highest Mt Meru peak in 24 hours

The world-famous mountaineer was supported by RidingSolo

Madhusudan Patidar, a renowned professional mountaineer set a new record by climbing the 5th highest peak of Mt. Meru in South Africa in 24 hours. He made the record of fastest climbing ever done by any Indian in just 24 hours including 12 hours sleep and rest with climbing time of 12 hours. The trek was sponsored by RidingSolo as the company supports the message of cleanliness in the mountain areas that Patidar conveyed from Mount Peru.

RidingSolo is one of the most experienced and trustworthy expedition companies. They have organised many personalised expeditions and treks. Being a morally responsible company, it perceives the growing problem of the rising number of visitors to the mountains and the rubbish that is spread due to their irresponsible behaviour. As more and more people are getting adventurous and undertaking trekking, the trash they invariably leave behind on the mountains spells disaster for the environment. For the past few years, RidingSolo volunteers have been doing a clean-up, but that is proving inadequate. The company has started the initiative of #NoTrashTrails to spread awareness regarding cleanliness in the mountains. Under this, RidingSolo had set up dustbins enroute to Himalayan trek areas. Continuing with the same, RidingSolo is supporting climbers with the opportunity to achieve their target along with spreading the awareness message.

Bhanwer Singh Rajpurohit, Director of RidingSolo Said; “We would like to congratulate Madhusudan Patidar for making the new record. We are thrilled at his success and hope that youngsters like him achieve such milestones and understand their responsibility towards the environment too. The message that Madhusudan has given by his trek to Mount Meru will encourage others to adopt such an approach to keep our mountain areas clean. We support such mountaineers and our initiative of #NoTrashTrails will go a long way going forth.”