Discover the top countries open to tourism for vaccinated travellers

The COVID-19 pandemic fears are subsiding slowly but surely. Apart from domestic tourism, international travel is showing signs of recuperation. Driven by vaccine rollout in various countries, some destinations have opened their borders to foreign tourists. Here is a  list of the top countries that are welcoming back travellers once again, along with the rules that travellers must follow while travelling.

Iceland: All travellers from approved countries and certain EU members countries can now visit Iceland. Vaccinated travellers have been allowed to bypass mandatory COVID testing and quarantine regulations.

The Seychelles Islands: Travellers who have received both doses of any COVID-19 vaccine can travel to the beautiful island nation. However, they must produce a COVID negative test report done 72 hours prior to their arrival and must wait for 14 days after getting vaccinated to travel.

Romania: Travellers from approved EU countries can visit Romania after 10 days of receiving the second dose of their respective COVID vaccines. Such travellers will be allowed to bypass the mandatory 14-day quarantine norm, much like Iceland.

Cyprus: Cyprus will be welcoming all vaccinated international travellers starting from March 1, 2020. With this move, the Cyprus government wishes to revive tourism as well as air traffic to the region. Vaccinated travellers are free to skip testing and quarantine too.

Lebanon: All international travellers will be allowed to visit Lebanon under normal visa rules. Vaccinated travellers will be required to produce a COVID negative test done 96 hours prior to their arrival in the country and will also be tested upon arrival.