South Africa among top 10 at Conde Nast Traveller’s 2020 Reader Choice Awards

  • A whopping 92.20% of international readers ranked South Africa amongst their favourite countries in the world
  • South Africa is the only country from the African continent to be featured in the top 10

The Rainbow Nation of South Africa has been nominated amongst the top 10 countries in the world by international readers, as part of Conde Nast Traveller’s Reader Choice Awards 2020. The only country from the African continent to be featured in the top 10, South Africa is renowned for its 3000+ unique adventure offerings, captivating wildlife, beautiful golden coastal beaches, vibrant nightlife and culinary treats.

Conde Nast Traveller’s 33rd Readers’ Choice Awards represented the first time that readers voted when almost no one was travelling, due to pandemic-induced lockdowns and travel restrictions. It only goes to show that places nominated in this year’s edition are the ones that readers still felt connected to and those which exuded a sense of familiarity and along with adventure.

“We are honoured to be top-of-mind for travellers across the world, and this award only stands testament to the fact that South Africa – with its high standards of hospitality and warm local culture – is a memorable destination. This acknowledgement only motivates us to continually provide bespoke, immersive experiences that form an integral part of the great South African adventure, while also ensuring travellers receive great value for money,” said Neliswa Nkani, Hub Head – MEISEA, South African Tourism.

Due to a government-mandated lockdown coupled with high standards of safety and stringent precautionary measures, South Africa is relatively safer than its global counterparts. This gives the Rainbow Nation a vast edge over other traditional markets frequented by Indian travellers.

Other than low Covid-19 rates, there are a few upcoming trends that suggest Indian travellers to South Africa will increase: the destination expects self-drives to be popular with Indian travellers given that South Africa has some of the most beautiful self-drive routes in the world. The fact that Indian licenses are valid in South Africa is a huge bonus!

Travellers are now actively seeking safety assurance and good deals – and the competitive pricing edge that South Africa has over most other long-haul international destinations will go a long way in aiding travel conversions.

South Africa has developed a risk categorization model for different countries. This model classifies countries according to a scale of high, medium and low risk. High-risk countries are those with higher numbers of Covid-19 infections and reported deaths compared to South Africa. Medium risk countries have a relatively equal number of infections and death toll to South Africa, while low-risk countries have a lesser number of Covid-19 infections and a death toll in comparison to South Africa.

“While India is currently a high-risk country and is not on the list of countries permitted entry to South Africa yet, the list is being actively reviewed every two weeks. We hope to welcome Indians soon!” concluded Neliswa Nkani.