Egypt set to reveal the biggest archaeological discovery of 2020 within the next few days


At a press conference in Saqqara necropolis, the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities will announce the biggest archaeological discovery in 2020 within the next few days.

The excavations of the Egyptian archaeological mission working in the Saqqara necropolis succeeded to discover new shafts filled with a huge number of intact, painted and anthropoid coffins buried inside, exceeding the number of coffins that were discovered and announced in early October. The shafts have been closed for more than 2,500 years. A number of gilded artifacts were also found, including wooden statues and coloured and gilded masks.

The Egyptian archaeological mission announced, during the past years, a number of important archaeological discoveries in Saqqara the last of which was the discovery of 59 painted coffins with mummies in good condition for top officials and priests from the 26th dynasty. This was announced in an international press conference early last October.