Japan National Tourism Organization virtually transports travelers to Japan


Although international travel restrictions continue to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, Japan remains a popular destination in many countries for after-corona visits. In order to maintain this desire to visit Japan, JNTO introduces “Fun From Home”, an online video webcast and using this concept, targets a total of more than 3 million SNS followers from 6 overseas offices. Allowing them to feel “Japan Now” in the comfort of their home. Please experience the live video that has been made possible thanks to the collaboration with other inbound entities all over Japan.

Outline of JNTO SNS collaboration project “Fun From Home”

Video concept: Video contents that allow you to enjoy the atmosphere of “Japan Now” from home against the backdrop of sceneries in Japan, travel facilities, and videos that you can enjoy watching.
Video production/source: Companies from the Tourism Industry, local governments, etc.
Webcast Schedule (tentative):

24th October (Sat):      Shizuoka Prefecture, Shizuoka Tea Experience
8th November (Sun):  Okinawa Prefecture, Shima-uta Live (Sanshin, etc.)
14th November (Sat):  Fuji Kyuko Co., Ltd., Fuji Kawaguchiko Sightseeing Boat  & Autumn Leaves Festival


2.1st live video distribution

Date & Time: 24th October 2020, Saturday, :10:30am –11:30am(Japan time: 2:00pm – 3:00pm)
Platform: Shizuoka Southeast Asia Representative Office Facebook page (English / Thai), JNTO Overseas Office Facebook Page
Managed by: JNTO Singapore Office, Shizuoka Prefecture Southeast Asia Representative Office, SURUGA Marketing & Tourism Bureau
Video Contents: Richard, who lives in Shizuoka City takes his friends, Sam and Hillary who are a couple visiting Shizuoka city, on a trip to Nihondaira. Join them as they enjoy Shizuoka tea from the local tea garden while gazing at Mt. Fuji, a World Heritage Site, at the tea terrace.

Cast: Richard(SURUGA Marketing & Tourism Bureau)
Sam & Hillary (Residences of Mishima City, Shizuoka Prefecture),
Jiro Katahira (Houkouen, Owner)

Location:   Nihondaira Tea Terrace, Nihondaira Hotel etc.
Language: English

2nd live video distribution

Date & Time: 8th November 2020, Sunday, 11:30am – 12:30pm, (Japan time 3: 00pm – 4:00pm)

Platform: OCVB multilingual Facebook page  (Visit Okinawa: English / Thai, other accounts), JNTO Overseas Office Facebook Page

Managed by: JNTO Singapore office, Okinawa Prefecture Singapore Office, Okinawa Tourism Convention Bureau (OCVB)


Video Contents: The webcast will contain live content such as Okinawan folk songs / island songs performances, talks about Okinawa, quizzes and many more so that viewers can enjoy the atmosphere of Okinawa from their home.

Cast: Yui Yui Sisters (Shima-uta Live)

Miss Okinawa (Okinawa PR)

Nicky (MC)

Location: Okinawa Folk Song Izakaya (Tentative)