Successful COVID management, international appreciation and immense gratitude remain key takeaways

Marking the increased momentum of a domestic ‘Opening Up’ plan, Taiwan’s Pop Music Centre hosted the annual Dîner en Blanc, the largest in scale and participation, till date. Typically, the event is held in over 90 countries across the globe, witnessing participation that exceeds 100,000 citizens across UK, US, Australia, France, Mexico, Singapore, South Africa, to name a few.

Only three countries eventually hosted the event this year – Australia (Perth), New Zealand (Auckland) and Taiwan (Taipei) – also a commentary on the strong management abilities of these countries, in relation to the current pandemic.

In absolute white, from decor to cutlery, celebrations and even the official attire, this year’s Taiwan edition of the dinner included dancers, internationally renowned artist Billy Chang serving as the artistic director, and the Golden Melody Award Hakka Singer, Hsieh Yu-Wei as the lead singer. A total of 2,000 participants including the city’s Mayor were in attendance.

“Originating in Paris in 1988, a group of old friends had not seen each other in years, so they decided to don white clothes in order to recognize each other,” informs Taiwanese organisers Luluyelife adding, “This year, when the pandemic has plagued the world, Taiwan’s measures have been recognized internationally, even receiving high international attention.”

For us, the dinner sent an important message locally and globally – to appreciate what you have, and to continue enjoying life’s pleasures in an aesthetic manner, as long as rules are followed and the pandemic kept in control. Whilst Taiwan could host the dinner only due to its successful containment of the Covid-19 situation, we understand the situation is constantly evolving and remain one-step ahead at all times.

At the time of release of this newsletter, Taiwan has recorded under 525 cases of COVID-19 with the first case detected as early as December 2019, however inbound travel continues to remain suspended for now. TTB remains available for all your queries, planning and advice.