Destination Singapore gears up for re-opening with innovation at its core

Robot cleaners, social distancing, contactless management – innovation is at the core of Singapore’s tourism sector as the city-state gears up for re-opening:

Singapore is re-opening the tourism sector in tandem with the rest of the economy. While the recovery for tourism will take time and international travel will not return in any significant way any time soon, we are gradually reopening our borders to allow safe business travel for foreigners entering Singapore in limited numbers. This has started on a limited scale through green lane arrangements with selected countries. We will continue negotiations with more countries and regions on reciprocal green lane agreements to facilitate business travel, and adjust measures for inbound travellers according to risk of importation. To ensure that international visitors feel as safe as possible, Singapore is building on its long-standing reputation for cleanliness and safety – and tapping on technology to do this.

Central to the improvement in health and safety standards is the SG Clean certification programme (SG Clean). SG Clean is an initiative launched by Singapore’s National Environment Agency, in partnership with government agencies that include the Singapore Tourism Board, Singapore Food Agency and Enterprise Singapore. It’s a national effort to increase cleanliness and public hygiene standards across several sectors and to safeguard public health, amid the coronavirus outbreak. The SG Clean certification is a national mark of excellence which signifies that businesses adhere to high standards of environmental public hygiene on their premises.

For instance, Changi Airport’s automated check-in kiosks have new proximity sensors which remove the need for travellers to touch the electronic screens. There is also the use of a long-lasting antimicrobial spray on frequently touched surfaces for added protection against pathogens. At immigration, the upgraded automated immigration lanes have a new touch-free biometric system which uses face and iris recognition technology that replaces the need for traditional fingerprint scanning. There are even cleaning robots in the terminals spraying a light disinfecting mist, along with other new innovations constantly being tested and trialled.

Safety measures go beyond the airport too. At hotels across the city-state, guests will be provided care packs, which include surgical masks and hand sanitiser. Visitors will also be briefed on safe distancing protocols when checking in.

Singapore’s reputation as one of the cleanest cities in the world will hold it in good stead when international travel restrictions are eased.

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