Taiwan is looking at how local festivals can help the COVID recovery process

Taiwan has continued to prove to be highly successful at limiting the effects of COVID-19, with zero domestic cases of the virus reported for two consecutive months. A slow and careful transition to the “new normal” is starting with plans for healing travel experiences. Festivals that celebrate nature are the perfect medicine.

According to a recent white paper published by Tripadvisor, research data reveals a strong desire among consumers to return to international destinations when they are able to do so. In fact, planning for their next international trip is still an active consideration for many consumers, with over half (53%) planning to do more research for travel they want to do after the pandemic. Most interesting of all, consumers are 218% more likely to want to take a trip where they can relax compared to before the pandemic.

The combination of the healing power of nature and a relaxing setting is embodied in the Taiwan East Coast Land Arts Festival & Moonlight Sea Concert (June to October 2020).

Spread over a large area with plenty of outdoor space to allow for safe social distancing, this festival treats the soul to art, music and beautiful natural sights. The enthralling nature and diverse cultures on Taiwan’s East Coast have long been appreciated by artists and free spirits who thrive on the area’s spectacular beauty and creative energy.

Drawing top local artists as well as international talents, craftsmen and artisans have open studios to introduce their creative works to visitors. The Moonlight Sea Concert is held on an outdoor stage during the Full Moon, with the ground as the seating, the sky as the canopy, the sea as the curtain, and the moonlight as the romantic companion. It’s an uplifting musical and natural feast unlike any other.

Later in the year, Taiwan plans further healing and nature-focused festivals – celebrations focused on local trees, flowers, food and even local tea. With such abundant resources, Taiwan expects a strong recovery once international travel restrictions ease. So look out for more news about our “Holidays for Healing” – the best way to treats travellers minds and bodies going forward.