Mountain Tourism as the primary focus in Taiwan Tourism Bureau’s ‘Holiday for Healing’

Earlier in the year, Taiwan had globally announced 2020 to be the Year of Mountain Tourism. Encouraging this thread of planning, especially with the needs to Holiday for Healing, Taiwan has over 275 mountain peaks standing at 3,000 metres or higher, the opportunities to immerse within nature and explore are immense, without congesting any particular peak. Experiences may vary depending on whether the holiday is for serious mountaineers or casual holidaymakers seeking healing amidst beautiful sights and refreshing mountain air.

Strongly recommended is the Alishan National Scenic Area – a mountain resort and nature reserve with wilderness, waterfalls, tea plantations and more, located in Chiayi County in southern Taiwan. Even before you get to the final stretch of Alishan, the long scenic route by taking the forest railway to Fenqihu includes a 3-hour ride through mountain tunnels and scenic bridges. A visit to Shoujhen Temple takes you to Taiwan’s highest elevation temple and Alishan’s largest temple. If the 10,000 miniature Buddhas don’t delight you, then the array of F&B offerings in the form of local stalls are bound to win you over!

Closer to Taipei and yet away from the hustle of the city is the Yangminshan National Park, famous for its floral blossoms, hot springs and a dormant volcano – the Seven Star Mountain. A walk through Xiaoyoukeng takes you through steaming vents and sulfur deposits, leading to the top of Seven Star Mountain – the park’s highest peak. This trail offers the best view of downtown Taipei. For travellers who prefer shorter walks with greater views, Qingtiangang with green, lush grasslands are a must-visit.
For more information on Yangminshan National Park, click here or about Alishan, click here.

Taiwan looks forward to welcoming tourists from India in Q3 and Q4 if international travel is made possible once again. But before saying ‘namaste’ to fellow friends in India, Taiwan would like to encourage travel partners and enthusiasts to participate in a Facebook campaign to win vouchers and share their motivations to encourage a visit to Taiwan this year.