As of June 15, the EU/EEA, EFTA and UK residents have begun to travel to Iceland. A travel restriction release eminently welcomed by both visitors and locals. This reopening is to be followed by nations outside of the Schengen Area on July 1st. All travellers and visitors alike are invited to either be conveniently tested for coronavirus upon arrival at Keflavik International Airport or go directly into a 14-day quarantine stay.

Having successfully eliminated the virus by mid-May, Iceland began to lift restrictions and announced the reopening of the border effective June 15th. Being a nation that has faced catastrophes like volcanic eruptions, avalanches and earthquakes, Iceland was able to deal with the pandemic effectively by using a familiar method – allowing and trusting the experts and scientists to lead onward.

With Iceland’s stellar strategy of data-protection, including large-scale testing, tracing, and isolating – the nation feels confident in their reopening process while further controlling the pandemic, which will be closely monitored from every angle. As of today, it has only a few Covid-19 cases, with no hospitalizations.

The nation is confident and excited to welcome visitors again this summer. Iceland has a lot to offer to make a traveller’s holiday adventurous, safe and relaxing. This summer, Iceland will emerge as the ideal Coronavirus Refuge, as titled it.

As for the meetings industry, Iceland has now opened gatherings for up to 500 people. Safety measures have been taken in all of the hotels, event spaces and other key venues. Restaurants are following strict guidelines, and transportation companies have implemented security strategies.

While this is still very much a developing story in the world, Iceland is ready for your arrival when you are.