Australia’s fascinating architectural marvels are guaranteed to leave you spellbound – Discover them today

While you’re taking a break in between your work calls or unwinding at the end of the day, treat yourself to these postcard-worthy breath-taking designs, and perhaps bucket list them for when you travel again.

Sydney Opera House, Sydney

Whether you’ve seen it in the iconic scenes from Tom Cruise’s Mission impossible 2 or as part of the blockbuster Dil Chaahta hai, the Sydney Opera house is an architectural wonder that we are all familiar with. Did you know that the iconic design of the Opera House is famously the result of an international design competition, which resulted in what is now one of the most recognisable buildings across the world?

Inspired by the natural elements visible from its perch on the harbour, the sails or shells of the Sydney Opera House sit atop a performing arts centre with regally themed venues, and even housing the world-renowned Bennelong Restaurant and bar, making it nothing short of a royal experience for travellers.

Check out the virtual tour that will guide you through the sky-scraping Sydney Harbour Bridge and the pristine blue water of the harbour with the Sydney Opera House as the perfect backdrop that is truly dramatic and enduring.

Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne

This stunner is nothing short of a glorious relic in dizzyingly modern Melbourne. The Royal Exhibition Building was erected as the centrepiece of the 1880 International Exhibition. It has played myriad roles since then ranging from the site of the country’s first parliament and a royal ballroom to army barracks, talk about versatility!

Today this Royal Exhibition Building has also re-gained prominence with a younger and more en vogue international audience owing to it being featured in some of the most coveted fashion photoshoots!

This building has also become a favourite among brides for their pre-wedding shoots, so if you are a bride who is all about that royal blue then this edifice should definitely make it to your bucket list!

Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney

Straight out of a romance novel, the largest steel-arch crossing on the planet and standing at more than 130 metres tall, Sydney Harbour Bridge has established itself as one of the most romance-inflected places in the Southern Hemisphere. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the rare vantage points that offer unperturbed views of the world’s largest, deepest and inarguably most beautiful harbours.

Queen Victoria Building, Sydney

Affectionately called the QVB by Sydneysiders, the Queen Victoria Building was constructed as a tribute to the monarch it gets its name from, and its elaborate design was purposefully selected to provide employment to skilled artisans.

From its origins as a concert hall, the QVB has served as the city library, housed the city council, and is now a thriving shopping centre. After multiple close brushes with demolition, it has now been restored and returned to its former ornate glory, which is a sight to behold!

Coober Pedy, Southern Australia

Do you ever feel the need to turn off the devices and virtually hibernate inside a cave? Well, what if that cave is actually equipped with plush accommodations boasting modern amenities; exclusive interior designs; and natural, architectural bones that blend both the ancient and the new?

Coober Pedy is often referred to as the “opal capital of the world.” Quiet, cool, dark, and airy, Coober Pedy is situated 260 feet below land. Due to the extremely high temperatures experienced in this otherworldly region, the majority of the residents live underground.

That is not all; there are underground churches and art galleries too – plus the award-winning Desert Cave Hotel, the world’s first 4-star luxury property of its type, complete with mining display and an opal gallery.