#Voices of Travel: Madrid City’s Tourism Department has a message, “#MadridIsWaitingForYou”

In this ongoing series, we explore how destinations around the world are mitigating the ongoing COVID19 outbreak. Today Madrid City Council’s Tourism Department tells us they continue to foster a positive image of Madrid as a destination and work towards developing an emotional relationship with visitors.

Madrid City Council’s Tourism Department is responsible for managing and promoting tourism in the city of Madrid and providing assistance and information to the over 10 million visitors the Spanish capital receives each year.

The city of Madrid’s rich historical and cultural heritage, its wide range of gastronomic offerings and the quality and professionalism of its tourism sector make Madrid a leading city destination, not just in Spain and Europe but at the global level. As in so many cities and destinations around the world, in view of the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in Madrid, we have implemented a number of contagion prevention measures from the outset of this health crisis. We are strictly following the guidelines of health authorities and will continue to work to provide support and information to visitors who have remained in the city and to the national and international tourism sectors.

Until the situation in the city of Madrid returns to normal, the City Council’s Tourism Department has designed a special digital communication campaign with the aim of continuing to provide our visitors with quality content and offerings. The initiative aims to make the city’s best experiences and places accessible from people’s homes.

The city of Madrid’s official tourism website, esMADRID.com, which offers the best and most comprehensive information on Madrid’s tourist attractions and cultural and leisure programme, has adapted its content to this exceptional situation. It is now providing detailed information on the measures taken due to the COVID-19 crisis and promoting all sorts of virtual content and tours.

A range of content has been posted on its social media profiles (@VisitaMadrid) under the hashtag #MadridSeQuedaEnCasa (#MadridIsStayingHome). A special video has also been released to remind us that the city has shut down to enable it to emerge stronger than ever https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBLyvlza2c0&feature=emb_title.

 Content posted on Instagram includes guided virtual tours of key places in the capital and a range of Madrid itineraries and experiences that people can enjoy from the comfort of their sofas. And since the spirit of Madrid is timeless, postcards and images of Madrid and its main sites are also being shared with the hashtag (#MadridIsWaitingForYou). Other initiatives include interesting facts and questionnaires about Madrid to help you discover a bit more about its history, and #MadridDesdeMiVentana (#MadridFromMyWindow), which invites people to share their views of the city because Madrid is also found in the little details that every Madrileño sees from their window.

All of these efforts are aimed at enabling us to continue to foster a positive image of Madrid as a destination and to develop an emotional relationship with visitors who have already discovered our city’s charm as well as those who haven’t been here yet but will visit us in the future. Because for now, #MadridSeQuedaEnCasa (#MadridIsStayingHome) so that soon we’ll all be able to experience and enjoy the city together.