Taiwan Tourism Bureau (TTB) reveals post-pandemic safe travel plans

As countries of the world begin to establish ground rules for easing off of lockdowns, and the beginning of travel, especially close proximity travel, Taiwan begins to work on a Post-Pandemic Safe Travel plan as part of ‘Holiday for Healing’. Before the country begins to welcome international tourists, it is carrying out two-fold activities:

Acting Local: Working with local authorities, hotels, tour companies and all those related to tourism within Taiwan to ensure implementation of relevant health guidelines, social distancing and contact tracing measures, and training to ensure diligent pursuing of health measures

Thinking Global: Working on specific themes and ideas to encourage travellers to think about holidays that please the senses, and encourage a healing process, in spite of a cautious approach as we begin to head into the post-pandemic phase. Taiwan realises that some countries, including India, have faced strict stay-at-home measures and we encourage families to work with us in planning off-the-beaten-track holidays

As part of acting locally to leave no stone unturned, Taiwan is working closely with all stakeholders involved in ensuring a healthy, safe and enjoyable travel experience. The pandemic situation in Taiwan has slowed down, with zero local cases for nearly a month. The masses are raring to head outdoors with domestic tourism projected to recover earlier than international. In the next phase of post recovery, Taiwan is planning for a number of measures to make tourists “travel with confidence” by lending strength of 300,000 employees in the tourism industry, providing various training courses and support and making them the first line of travelling groups at various destination hotspots. We are also connecting with local eateries, accommodations, attractions, shops etc, to be fully prepared to open up to foreign tourists.

However, we are globally united in this current unprecedented crisis, and Taiwan continues to work with nations offering assistance where possible, and additionally, work with travel partners and interested travellers to chalk out travel plans which heal the senses. You’ve often heard of the red carpet, but we in Taiwan enjoy and celebrate the onset of the season of the Golden Carpet – with the Golden Needle flower season upon us. The famous scenic spot to enjoy the sea of Golden Needle Flowers is the Liushishi Mountain in the East Rift Valley.

To encourage decongestion of cities and social distancing, the Huadong Rift Valley National Scenic Area Administration has recommended nature trails with 12 Rift Valley tourist attractions, among them the Liushishi, meaning Sixty Stone Mountain.

This beautiful scenery as you gaze on a sunny day from the mountains inspired French artist, Julien Malland Seth, to paint “the little girl that sleeps on her side in a sea of flowers” in August, 2015. Lush green hills extending for many kilometers giving you a sense of openness and peace.

It doesn’t stop with the day. Looking over Huadong Valley and enjoying a star-filled night sky is sure to become part of unforgettable memories.

At present, the flowers are in full bloom and will continue to bloom for several months.

TTB has confidence that international tourism will recover. Because the effectiveness of Taiwan ’s epidemic prevention has attracted attention of other countries which is expected to attract international tourists to Taiwan. Therefore, the National Tourism Administration is currently doing a warm-up of national tourism in the country, so as to prepare for the overseas tourism boom after lifting the travel embargo.