Flower season marks the beginning of post-epidemic safe travel in Taiwan


Travel with confidence

Taiwan implemented various anti-epidemic measures to make tourists “travel with confidence” by firstly providing various training courses and support. Moving onto the second phrase – as part of the training up to 300,000 of course participants from the tourism sector will partake in local FAM tours and be eligible for additional relief subsidies.

Various sightseeing routes will be planned through these FAM tours by connecting local speciality snacks, homestays, attractions, hand-held gifts, and more to be promoted when the full travel plan officially resumes.

Holiday for healing – Golden Needle Flower Season

You’ve often heard of the red carpet, but we in Taiwan enjoy and celebrate the onset of the season of the Golden Carpet – with the Golden Needle flower season upon us. The famous scenic spot to enjoy the sea of Golden Needle Flowers is the Liushishi Mountain in the East Rift Valley.

To encourage decongestion of cities and social distancing, the Huadong Rift Valley National Scenic Area Administration has recommended nature trails with 12 Rift Valley tourist attractions, among them the Liushishi, meaning Sixty Stone Mountain.

This beautiful scenery as you gaze on a sunny day from the mountains inspired French artist, Julien Malland Seth, to paint “the little girl that sleeps on her side in a sea of flowers” in August 2015. Lush green hills extending for many kilometres giving you a sense of openness and peace.

It doesn’t stop with the day.  Looking over Huadong Valley and enjoying a star-filled night sky is sure to become part of unforgettable memories.

At present, the flowers are in full bloom and will continue to bloom for several weeks. It is healing to see the huge sea of flowers and Taiwan wishes to share these images to bring joy to nature and travel enthusiasts, and to promise that Taiwan is keeping a close eye on the situation and hopes to welcome you to your ‘Holiday for Healing’ with full protective measures in place!

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