#Voices of Travel: The world is changing and healing, so are we says Shaheen Madraswala

In this ongoing series, we explore how humans of travel are mitigating the ongoing COVID19 outbreak. Today, Shaheen Madraswala, Leamigo pens an inspiring account. 

The novel COVID-19 virus has ravaged the globe; humanity and its economies suffer. The virus has sent a collective shiver down the world’s back as the tiny microorganism threatens and topples some of the mightiest giants the world over. Businesses are struggling and staggering. Reports of failing businesses and closures of companies flood the world. There are reports of losses amounting to billions of dollars and employee layoffs in thousands since the virus first appeared in China. All investments are looking at a looming downside in the next two quarters. There are reports of declining venture capital and the startup industry is looking at a very dismal future, amid news of startup companies now beginning to sell their stakes at discounts! Startups that don’t have investors to back them and were relying on internal cash flow are facing serious problems.

The travel industry is the worst hit as the world has gone into its shell. The complete lockdown in many countries and a ban on travelling has had a crippling effect. As the news of many airlines downsizing their staff and many completely shutting shop creates ripples across the globe there are reports of businesses using their resources to create opportunities for themselves. Through this negativity and hopelessness, there are reasons to remain optimistic. Taking lessons from history, there are many success stories that have emerged from recessions. Many travel businesses across Europe have already changed their game plans and are offering virtual sightseeing tours to clients across the globe. This time when the world is in limbo is an opportunity that has never been affordable or available before. Startup’s have started using this slack period to internalize productivity. It is a window to look inwards and iron out the crinkles that led to losses.

Myself, Shaheen Madraswala -Founder/Director at Leamigo along with my teammate Nazeeb Ahmad are striving to survive and surface from this plague stronger and smarter. Battling on, we have remained focused on using every opportunity, favourable or unfavourable. Regular huddles created through the plethora of apps providing connectivity and communication we are committed to enhancing and improving ourselves. Regular zoom calls and meetings along with emails and calls are scheduled to keep in sync with the entire team.

Apart from this, the Content team at Leamigo is busy curating the content that was already available on our portal at the same time integrating our new business ideas. They are creating more activities and locations to choose from as in the present scenario we have decided to create travel options in indigenous locales.

This changed focus on domestic travel has given our Operations team to create new strategies. They are contacting and contracting new vendors and suppliers to support our changing needs. Creating liaisons and partnerships within the brotherhood of the domestic travel industry lets us remain optimistic, as positivity is the forte of the travel world. We are also helping our suppliers and agents to bring in the latest technology on their current system with a free consultation.

The tech team is the busiest as we were already in the transition to build a B2B agent dashboard. This dashboard is the harbinger of good news to all the technology strapped agents and provides a single platform from which thousands can operate and flourish. Our portal helps local agents to get connected to millions of clients worldwide through a single interface. It is an amazing opportunity for us at Leamigo as now we can book activities in the remotest destinations in a synchronised manner; helping us achieve our business mantra of hassle-free travel.

Staying afloat is the need of the hour as the present situation remains shrouded amid speculation of a possible vaccine to end the pandemic. Humanity has always persevered through adversity. It’s said that the darkest hour is just before dawn. The world in the lockdown is changing and healing and so are we at Leamigo.