#Voices of Travel: India will see a drastic increase in international tourists, Davinder Saini tells us

In this ongoing series, we explore how humans of travel are mitigating the ongoing COVID19 outbreak. Davinder Saini, Riaan Hospitality tells us his hopes are on domestic travel. 

We at Riaan hospitality are just a year and a half old small company. We had just started to pick up the pace. We projected higher sales this season and were gearing up for it but the coronavirus epidemic ruined our set goals. We used to have a busy time during March till May but at the moment there are no groups and free individual travellers. We widely service Corporates, Schools, Colleges and Holiday Makers. It was really devastating when we heard about COVID19. We certainly had a feeling of a major slump in the leisure industry. Due to widespread competition, we incurred several cancellations during this period. Consequently, we have had to cut down the workforce working hours until we see a recovery in the sector.

We value our customers and have processed 100% refund to them without any questions asked. Many guests who are booked for later months are waiting and watching the situation closely. We are flexible in our terms and encourage them to postpone their plans rather just cancelling it. We have received great support from our valuable suppliers and they are at the forefront too during this unexpected outbreak of COVID19.

Now, outbound tourists will surely cut back on their travel plans. We fairly project that now more people will choose to travel within the country to compensate for their overseas travel plans. We are hopeful that domestic travel should pick up during August to September period. The Government of India is fighting COVID 19 coronavirus in such a proficient and active manner. It surely leave a very positive impact throughout the globe. This proactiveness will prove to be a boon for the Indian tourism sector.

For an express business recovery, tourism authorities must ensure safe and healthy facilities to regain confidence amongst people to start travelling again. No doubt people travelling to India from other countries will now have a better sense of health and safety than ever before. In the coming months, inbound travel will certainly boom, bringing many more business and job opportunities for all. I feel that soon India will see a drastic increase in acquiring international tourists than ever before.

We all must be cheerful, offer the best services to customers and hope for the best in the near future which will surely repay the setback cost.