#Voices of Travel: Gita Chaudhury says travel must take sustainability seriously post pandemic

In this ongoing series, we explore how humans of travel are mitigating the ongoing COVID19 outbreak. Gita Chaudhury from TerraTales asserts that tourism needs to be sustainable and responsible in the coming days to avoid a repeat of the current pandemic. 

This unprecedented situation of COVID-19 has changed everything in our life in such a short time that everything is so unpredictable. The beginning of the year 2020 was very bright and the times ahead looked promising to us but when we were approaching March, the situation became alarming. We started getting cancellations for our Chinese groups beginning March and it was followed by European countries and within no time all bookings got cancelled for next 5 months. There were directives and travel advisories from Government Departments not to travel. All the National parks got closed and airlines stopped operating.

Now the life on the whole has come to a standstill due to this menace, Corona virus.

There are several innovative ways to stay positive while confined indoors, but the restlessness prevails as the concept which we started and was gaining grounds is facing major difficulties. We undertake the task of marketing hotels, resorts and lodges on suitable platforms and we have been notified to stop all the activities indefinitely. We are not the owners of these properties and we completely understand that every sector has got affected adversely with no exception. All the resorts and hotels have got shut down, many temporarily and some permanently. The entire planet is feeling and facing the heat and in such a situation, it is quite difficult to handle various recurring expenses to survive and sustain the whole working system, our employees and office expenditures.

One of the major reasons for such havoc is that we are deliberately interfering with the natural working of our ecosystem and this situation is an eye-opener and we must not ignore it.

In such a situation, we are in constant touch with all our colleagues and partners all across the globe to receive real-time information, guide each other and stay together to face this tough time.

We are determined to hold on to the extent possible and will ensure safety and security of everyone associated with us by spreading accurate information.

We urge everyone to stay indoors, take precautionary measures, respect Nature and stay safe.