Are you done catching up on all the latest movies and series out there? Wondering what you should watch next? Well, there’s always an option of basking in the nostalgia and charm of watching old movies again. We’ve taken the liberty of picking a few movies for your next movie marathon that will not only take you back in time but also keep the wanderlust alive by transporting you to Australia’s spectacular vistas and landscapes (all from the comfort of your couch, of course!)

Dill Chahta Hai – Amazon Prime
It is never bad idea to watch Dill Chahta Hai! Shot in Sydney, this cult classic has redefined friendship and travel goals for decades now. This tourist-favourite city gave the perfect backdrop to Aakash’s and Shalini’s love story and to two of the movie’s most popular songs ‘Jaane Kyun’ and ‘Tanhayee’. The movie displays iconic spots such as the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Milsons Point Railway Station, Waverley Cemetery and Macquaire Lighthouse through a beautiful montage. See if you can spot them all in the movie.

Salaam Namaste – Amazon Prime
If there is anything more iconic than this movie’s dialogues, it is the city in which it has been shot! Set in Melbourne, the movie follows Amber and Nick, and packs in more than a few chuckles along the way. Featuring shots from Melbourne city, Great Ocean Road, and other gorgeous Victorian surrounds, the movie perfectly captures the vibe and spirit of Melbourne. Salaam Namastey will definitely leave you planning your post-quarantine holiday to Australia.

Shaadi Ke Side Effects – Hotstar
A hilarious take on married couples’ and their life, the movie depicts Siddharth and Trisha’s journey as they fall in love, get married and overcome the challenges together. One of the key defining points in their lives is shot in Gold Coast when Siddharth pops the question mid-air in a hot air balloon, followed by an Insta-worthy romantic holiday across Queensland comprising of scenic drives, pristine beaches, exciting nightlife and more! Quarantined couples, are you listening?

Lion – Netflix
“Lion” is a heart-wrenching story about home and family that will immediately tempt you to start planning your next holiday in Tasmania! The engaging performances and soulful storyline are beautifully binded together by the mesmeric locations. The majestic shots of Mount Wellington, the winding coastline along Cape Huay, the isthmus of Bruny Island and the historic Marion Bay, are sure to leave one awe-struck. So on the days you are feeling low, press play and watch this tale of triumph unfold as it reminds us to- never give up!

Finding Nemo – Hotstar
Home to diverse marine life of the most vivid colours, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef was the real-life location that inspired this classic family friendly film, ‘Finding Nemo’. Set within the Reef of the coast of Queensland, the film follows the story of a clown fish named Marlin who loses his son, Nemo, all the way to Sydney Harbour. No matter your age, this film with leave you wanting to plan your next trip to the world’s largest coral reef system where you can try and spot (don’t touch) all of the films other characters!
So grab yourself some popcorn and plonk yourself on the couch, as you revel in the treasure trove of movies that will not just keep you entertained during the lockdown but, also teleport you down under!