#Voices of Travel: Ready Indian destinations for travellers, says Ashutosh Sharma, SafarGenie

Image courtesy: Sanjay Kanojia/AFP via Getty Images


The travel and tourism industry worldwide is facing an unprecedented tragedy with the outbreak of COVID19. How are travel businesses reacting? In this series, hear it all from the people that matter.  Ashutosh Sharma (MBA, BE), Director, SafarGenie speaks to us. 

SafarGenie (A Unit Of Ashirwad Holidays Pvt Ltd, Gorakhpur, UP), formally known as Ashirwad Tours & Travels, is an MSME enterprise, mostly promoting Nepal as a travel destination since the year 2014. We first faced a business setback & major hit during the earthquake in Nepal in 2015. During that period we had just started investing in our infrastructure & transport but at the same time, we were hit by the earthquake in Nepal. Travel businesses in Nepal almost collapsed. At that time we did not sit back and look for other possible ways of surviving, meeting up our daily expenses. Instead, we found a promising destination in the form of Bhutan and it saved us in those days.

Now, if we compare the situation with COVID19 outbreak, both are completely different. During those days of struggle, only one destination was affected. But in the current scenario, the whole world is affected and no one has any Plan – B.

But, as we visualise the situation, what we foresee is, India will rise back. Indian destinations will recover soon than any other international destinations, because Indians mostly prefer to visit Thailand, Italy, Europe, America & many such countries, and these countries are badly affected by novel COVID-19.

So, in such situation tourists will move to Indian destinations and most popular would be the offbeat destinations like those in Himanchal Dharmashala & Khajjiar, North East – Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya and a few others.

As our back-up plan, we have started exploring such destination and our entire team is working on exploring new places. Currently, our Work From Home philosophy is “Each One, Each New Destination”.

Post Corona-19, we hope we shall be ready with almost every Indian destination and we shall rise again, fight back these bad times. I also advise my fellow business colleagues to make such/similar plans and utilise this time to do the things which are long pending for their business. Once the situation takes a turn for better, we shall again rise and flourish.