The travel and tourism industry worldwide is facing an unprecedented tragedy with the outbreak of COVID19. How are travel businesses reacting? In this series, hear it all from the people that matter. Today, Raaj Bajaj, Founder & CEO of FABgetaways tells us: 

We at FABgetaways were riding a growth curve. New members buying our deals and there were repeat purchases. Our partners were happy with what we were doing for them. In fact, the overall reviews and feedback from the customers and the industry that we were getting were excellent. 2020 was turning out to be an important year for us in terms of our plans and things we would have liked to do (which will still happen after a brief delay). Some of the developments included our upcoming launch in the UAE & Singapore markets, introducing new destinations for our members, expanding our offerings on the platform, new engagements with our hotel partners and exploring other new modes of revenues.

Just as COVID19 has hit almost every travel & hospitality business around the globe, this outbreak has also impacted us. The biggest challenge, of course, is to look at a very minuscule top line over the next few months and with this, to take care of all other recurring expenses. The other challenge is to generate content which is very relevant to engage with our social media audience and members without really talking about deals, to keep teams such as the Travel Concierge motivated and guide them to work on new projects with nearly no volume of queries coming our way.

Our team has been working from home over the past few days. We are using this time to work on new projects in the pipeline, training our teams to be better at what we do, introducing new processes and tools at work, creating new marketing and content plans and preparing ourselves for the sudden spike in demand which we expect once things get back to normal. We are also closely interacting with our hotel partners and seeing how are they coping with this and how we can work once things get back to normal.

We do think there might be a possibility that this goes on for a few months – I believe we are in a position where we can weather the storm – As a team, we are committed to making sure we are doing our best during this time to be better performers so that we can emerge even stronger. In the end, these are factors beyond our control and all we can do is hope for the best.

I believe things will be back to normal in the next couple of months (People would start travelling – Domestic Destinations, Planning to travel – International destinations). We believe this would result in a spike in individuals wanting to travel once things get back to the way they were but they might be selective in terms of countries they would like to visit – For example a trip to Italy or Spain does not seem likely to happen in 2020. I believe tourism in those markets would be very badly hit and can only hope that things improve there.

I would say whatever is happening across the world is something beyond our control. As a community, we have always been passionately driven to provide wonderful experiences for travellers across the globe. We should keep our heads down and work on the things we can do during this time to provide the same for the future. Having said that, there will be a lot of individuals and companies who would be facing extreme difficulties with no monetary flow happening at this time. I just hope and wish that we can weather this storm together and stay strong.