The travel and tourism industry worldwide is facing an unprecedented tragedy with the outbreak of COVID19. How are travel businesses reacting?  In this series, hear it all from the people that matter. Nilesh Pandey, Founder & CEO, Tripgyani has to say:

We have been operating for more than 3 and a half years. It has been a great journey so far. March to May is the peak season for us. Packages were being sold, inquiries were pouring in. A lot of tour operators from Kashmir had approached us. We were optimistic about promoting Kashmir. I was hopeful about North Indian destinations being in demand due to the upcoming summer holidays.

When we heard of the outbreak, we thought Coronavirus is only affecting China. It’s very unfortunate that globally the entire travel and tourism industry is facing such a huge setback. Everything, all our plans and predictions flopped because of the outbreak. It is a very difficult time for us and the industry.

Travel and tourism sector is bearing the worst and highest impact of the COVID19. The travellers are panicking badly. They’ve preconceived notions of not travelling anywhere and it’s going to continue for months. Everything has come to a standstill. Major tourist destinations are closed. I’m working very closely with hotels. We’re speaking to our travellers one to one, telling them their safety is our priority. We as the travel industry, every unit will look forward to our guests’ convenience. For the next 15 days, all we will do is look into cancellations, refunds and rescheduling. I am very thankful to hoteliers who are supporting us. Transport partners, airlines as well. We are planning to come up with unique packages and target tour plans for October and November.

Our staff is working, we all are working. Our hoteliers are frustrated. Everyone is struggling. I’m looking forward to government aid for the industry to support all of us.

I’m very optimistic. If our country, our citizens follow the safety precautions very well, we will overcome the pandemic. As the intensity of COVID19 goes down, things will slowly but surely get back to normal. The government needs to advertise that travel is safe once the pandemic is over. Let’s hope for the best.