Ethiopian wins International Air Cargo Marketer of the Year Award


Ethiopian Cargo & Logistics Services won the ‘International Air Cargo Marketer of the Year’ Award at the 2020 STAT International Award for Excellence in Air Cargo which was held from February 25-27 in Mumbai. Ethiopian Cargo was awarded for its valuable contribution to the air cargo industry in a highly competitive and one of the fastest-growing markets in the world.

Commenting on the award, Ethiopian Group CEO Tewolde GebreMariam remarked, “We are honoured to have won the ‘International Air Cargo Marketer of the Year’ award which bears testimony to our leading cargo and logistics services in Africa and different parts of the world, catalysing multi-faceted growth in all the regions we serve. We have been investing heavily in facilities and freighters which enabled us to continuously expand our services and deliver safe, secure, dependable and competitive cargo and logistics services worldwide. The award will spur us to further excel in our operations.”

Ethiopian Cargo & Logistics Services has built the largest cargo terminal in Africa with a capacity of close to 1 million tons annually. It delivers cargo services spanning across 57 international destinations in Africa, the Gulf, Middle East, Asia, North Americas, Latin America and Europe with 10 B777F and two B737F aircraft. In the 2018/19 fiscal year, Ethiopian Cargo & Logistics Services uplifted a total of 432,417,404 kg of cargo.

Ethiopian Cargo team in India also promoted its services and ET Holidays products for three consecutive days at the event from a dedicated booth fully sponsored by our Cargo Sales Agents (CSAs) Panel discussion was also held under the title ‘Building Airport of the future for special cargo commodities’ where Fitsum Abadi, MD Ethiopian Cargo and Logistics Services, took part.

Meanwhile, Ethiopian Cargo and Logistics Services team in Addis Ababa held a colourful ceremony to celebrate the award. Different stakeholders of Ethiopian Cargo & Logistics Services joined the team for the celebration.

Ethiopian Cargo & Logistics Services Managing Director Fitsum Abady remarked, “We are honoured to receive ‘International Air Cargo Marketer of the Year’ award as it takes us steps ahead from Africa to the international level of competition. The award appropriately reflects the endless hours and effort we ALL (the employees) have spent managing all activities and this should motivate us to towards unlimited success in future.”