Tigist Estheu takes over as the Regional Director of India Sub Continent

Tigist Eshetu has taken over as the Regional Director of Indian sub continent from December 23, 2019 and will be stationed in Mumbai.

Tigist joined Ethiopian on May 18, 2000 and served the Airline in various positions in Operations, Cargo, Manager Pricing and Area Manager Zambia, the position she was currently holding. She is a School of Marketing Graduate, has a Diploma in Accounting from Addis Ababa Commercial College, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Management and Public Administration from Addis Ababa University and has a Masters in Business Administration from Lincoln University, USA. Her rich, varied and long-standing experience will be an opportunity towards elevating Ethiopian Airlines’ operation in the Indian sub continent.

Ethiopian Airlines has witnessed rapid growth, network extension, upgrading level of services rendered to its valued customers, introducing New Generation Boeings and utilising state-of-art technology and programs that cope with the successive advancements in the airline industry. Currently, Ethiopian is the largest, fastest-growing and the most profitable airline in Africa and one of the few such airlines in the world. Ethiopian is also a winner of many prestigious awards. Tigist’s appointment in India has come at a very challenging time for the airline.

Ethiopian Airlines will continue to strive to live up to its motto of being “The New Spirit of Africa” in India with Tigist at the helm.