Four Points by Sheraton Mahabalipuram Resort and Convention Center utilises technology for seamless customer experience

Technology impacts and assists the growth of practically every industry today. The hospitality industry too isn’t insulated from its effects. User-generated feedback and reviews on websites play an important role in popularizing the services of hotels through word of mouth. Hotels, globally are tapping into the power of technology in order to catalyze their sales and to improve customer relations. Further, the use of information technology in the hotel industry has also enabled hoteliers to stay in touch with and nurture relationships with guests by making use of online tools.

Vipin Nambiar, Front Desk Manager, Four Points by Sheraton Mahabalipuram Resort and Convention Center deep dives into how the implementation of technology has improved the guest experience.

Going Mobile: While discussing the importance of information technology in the hotel industry, one simply cannot miss out on mobile devices and the ease of operation that they have brought. The impact that mobiles have had on the hotel industry is revolutionary. It has transformed hotel guest communications and has also enabled hotels to better cater to the needs of the guests. Several other types of websites are working round the clock to bring travel-related products and services closer to the end-user

Marriott International has brought the facility of Mobile Check-in & keyless entry, a core benefit for its guests. This brings in a new dimension to the hospitality industry by itself. The objective of Mobile Check-In is to provide a simple and convenient platform for their tech-savvy next generation guests, where the arrival experience is seamless, expedited and differentiated. The Mobile Check-In facility allows the guests to get a notification a day in advance of their arrival date at 08:00 AM hotel time. The guest may opt to modify their check-in time based on early or late arrival and this can be done even on the day of arrival.  The hotel will accordingly keep the room ready.

Marriott International now has a new add-on feature called pro-active chat, where the hotel and guest can chat with each other regarding the latter’s travel plans, any last-minute modifications, any extra amenities or requests, etc.

Mobile Check-In is a very quick and efficient process where everything is kept ready before the guest arrives. The guest is directly escorted to their room for an In-Room Check-In. This also helps the hotel to say to their loyal guests that they recognize them and appreciate their loyalty. It also helps in making our guests feel important, which is really what we strive for since that is one of the most important factors for a guest to come back and be a regular guest of the same hotel.

Key Less Entry: Over the last decade, the use of information technology in the hotel industry has seen a tremendous shift. One of the newest features is Keyless entry and it has the potential of becoming a game changer. The guests get a notification once the room is ready and the hotel welcomes them through the app. The guest will also be able to see if they have been upgraded to the next category based on their membership levels.

The guest can directly reach the hotel, get their room number and the hotel staff will direct them to their room and do a check-in formality. Some hotels have an advanced feature where the guest will already know their room number and will check-in directly.  The app generates a QR Code, which works as an access to their room. There is a QR Code Scanner on each door and all they need to do is show the QR Code and the door would open for them.

Once the guest has scanned the QR Code for the first time, the hotel will get an alert and they would know the guest has reached their room. After the guest has checked in, the reception will call after some time to understand from the guest about their room and if they require any other assistance,

At the time of departure, the guest can put in a checkout request through the app for which it will generate a new QR Code. Once scanned, it will not allow the same guest to use the earlier QR Code for opening the door again. This would give a checkout alert to the reception and the room bills for that guest will be charged to their credit card and the soft copy of the final invoice will be sent to the guest’s email.

The chat facility has reduced the gap and has made things much easier and it is all in real time. When the guest places any request through the mobile app, it needs to be closed within a specific time. This also helps the hotel know their frequent guests and their requests and understand what needs to be stocked or ordered for that particular guest.

Information technology in the hotel industry has empowered modern hoteliers to run their business by data-driven insights. There is really no more guesswork, as they rightly say!!