Sri Lanka named as the Premier Partner for WTM London 2019


Sri Lankan Tourism was the Premier Partner at WTM London 2019 as the island’s tourism industry continues its resolute for recovery.

The high-profile partnership ensured global coverage for the Indian Ocean destination, which has also teamed with Sri Lankan cricketer Kumar Sangakkara to help tourism bounce back.

As a spokesman for Sri Lanka Tourism and the first non-British to be elected to the Presidency of Marylebone Cricket Club MCC based at Lord’s, Sangakkara will promote the destination’s key tourist attractions which are being marketed under the new brand ‘So Sri Lanka’.

During an interview announcing the partnership, Sangakkara said, “I am very confident that tourists who come to Sri Lanka will have a wonderful time. I have seen the country recover very well in terms of ensuring the security of both its nationals and tourists from all over the world. Those who come to Sri Lanka want to experience the country in full.”

The Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau exhibited at WTM London with around 67 travel trade partners, including hotels, travel agencies, resorts and operators – all united in their mission to help the country rebuild its tourism trade.

Tourist numbers plunged by 70% in the wake of April’s tragic events, but concerted efforts by the Sri Lankan tourist industry mean the recovery is happening faster than expected, with these efforts, in September the drop was narrowed to just 20%, the destination outlook is positive to bounce back at the end of the year.

According to the Minister of Tourism Development, Wildlife & Christian Religious Affairs, John Amaratunga, “The government has done everything possible to regain the popularity for the destination by building confidence carrying out various aggressive promotional campaigns. We are fortunate to have the world unitedly supporting us and rallying around to help the tourism industry, this has helped spread economic benefits far-reaching to many other important economic sectors too; and also to local communities who need it most. Tourism is a lifeline to Sri Lanka’s economy, unlike in the past, it has become connected to everyone in the country. Before long, tourism will definitely be the number one revenue earner for Sri Lanka.”

WTM London’s Senior Director, Simon Press said, “It has been so heartening to see the country recover from the appalling events last Easter and it looks set to have a busy winter season. Being WTM London’s Premier Partner means Sri Lanka can entice trade buyers and media from across the globe, which will help visitor numbers return to or even surpass the levels seen in 2018 – boosting the country’s economy and helping to provide jobs for thousands of workers.”

Tourist arrivals in 2018 had reached a record 2.3 million – worth almost $4.4 billion – and numbers still look set to top two million in 2019.