SOTC examines Indian travellers, reveals top winter holiday destinations


With the winter vacations just around the corner, travel-hungry Indians are already on the lookout for new holiday destinations to explore. SOTC reveals their top line-up, just in time.

Japan, Norway (Northern Lights), Iceland, Slovenia & Croatia and Magical Santaland (Helsinki & Rovaniemi) are some of the experiential destinations recommended by SOTC Travel. Travellers enjoy the Autumn Foliage with scenic cities and parks that are painted in crimson and gold and the Winter Illuminations in Japan. Topping the list are the experience of the Northern Lights and Helsinki & Rovaniemi.

An interesting trend witnessed according to the SOTC India Holiday Report 2019 is that the destination is the most important holiday influencer for every traveller, across all age groups.

The SOTC India Holiday Report 2019 was conducted with over 1100 respondents belonging to four distinct age groups – 25 years and below, 26-35 years, 36-55 years and 56 years and above. The following insights were revealed about the holiday influencers for Indian travellers:


  • 79% of Gen Z (Less than 25 years) chose a destination as the biggest holiday influencer, followed by attractive travel packages and offers at 51%
  • Destination as an influencer is the highest with Gen Y ( 26 – 35 Years), 84% find the destination to be their main influencer for making holiday plans
  • 74% of Gen X (36 – 55 Years) also believe that the destination is an important influencing factor
  • For Senior Citizen, destination at 67% is an important influencer, closely followed by travel websites and blogs at 62%

Mr Vishal Suri, Managing Director, SOTC Travel added, With Christmas holidays only a few months away, travellers are planning their vacation to experiential places. Indian travellers are enthusiastic about travel and with changing dynamics in disposable income, internet literacy and the popularity of experiential holidays; they are opting for destinations that offer unique experiences. We are looking forward to enhancing their holiday experiences amidst the jubilant festivities.