Finland emerges as a perfect winter holiday destination for Indian families

December in India brings with it a festive fervour and the perfect opportunity for a vacation. Indian travellers are increasingly opting for places where they can experience snowfall for the first time, and Finland has emerged as a preferred destination among many. SOTC, India’s leading Travel and Tourism Company recently announced their packages for Indian travellers to experience the famed ‘Santaland’ and explore Finland at their convenience, through escorted or customised tours.

For travellers desiring a magical, ‘white’ Christmas, Finland is the perfect destination, owing to the wintery fells that encourage fun-filled adventures. Travellers can visit a reindeer farm and experience a Christmas-special sleigh ride while exploring this winter wonderland. Santa lives at ‘Ear Fell’ (Korvatunturi) in Lapland but spends time and meets visitors at Santa Claus Village. The ethereal decorations through the renowned Santa Claus Village can be memorable for visitors because Finnish yuletide traditions are very different from many other countries and regions in the world.

The SOTC Holiday Report 2019 highlights a diverse archetype of travellers that have emerged and evolved in the country- The Family Memory Builder. This traveller looks to create special memories with their children. They aim to build family memories and strengthen the bonds between its members, seeking a combination of both sightseeing and flexibility. They prefer kid-engaging destinations and less crowded places to relax and seek peace.

The new-age Indian traveller has an evolved set of preferences and is focussed on creating magnificent memories with their loved ones. This can be understood through insights gained from the SOTC India Holiday Report 2019, which states:

  • 47% of Gen Z, 56% of Gen Y, 40% of Gen X and 38% of senior citizen travellers are enticed by exquisite local experiences and wish to immerse themselves in the culture and traditions of the destination for an enriching experience
  • 24% of Gen Z, 20% of Gen Y, 17% of Gen X and 25% of senior citizen travellers opt for group tours for the extensive sightseeing activities
  • 49% of Gen X, 44% of Gen Y, 39% of Gen X and 33% of senior citizen travellers opt for customised holidays in order to explore new and unique places

For travellers who fit the archetype of The Explorer, Finland has much to offer in the form of breath-taking sites and unique experiences. Some of the must-see spots in Finland include the Helsinki Cathedral, Oodi Central Library and Löyly or Allas Sea Pool. Another experience that cannot be missed is the Aurora Borealis – The Northern Lights, that light up the sky in a glorious and mesmerising display of colours. Travellers can enjoy this view from the various experiential accommodations in Finland including igloos and  Snow Hotels where they can live in intricate structures made of ice and snow. For those looking to explore the regional cuisine, the local dish ‘Korvapuusti’ is a mouth-watering treat and is Finland’s take on cinnamon buns –and served alongside coffee.

Daniel D’Souza, President and Country Head, Leisure, SOTC Travel said, “Christmas is a special time of festivities; it’s always a treat to experience the celebrations outside the country. Finland is a magical land, not only for its enchanting Santa Claus Village but also for the beautiful sights. At SOTC, we have curated attractive tour packages to suit our traveller segments imbibing vibrant festivities and sights that Helsinki and Rovaniemi are known for. And with our On-The-Go feature, our travellers have the choice of picking unique experiences that they wish to witness, and include it in their itineraries while on holiday.”

Sara Sodhi Juneja, Country Head – India, Visit Finland said, “We are delighted with our collaboration with SOTC to curate unique experiences offered by Finland for Indian travellers. Located between East and West, with snowy winters and warm light-filled summers, Finland offers a number of fascinating contrasts. Finland’s unspoilt forests, as well as its thousands of islands and lakes, offer plenty of opportunities for visitors to enjoy beautiful natural surroundings. Winter Experiences like Aurora Borealis, Staying in an igloo or snow hotel, husky and reindeer safaris and being the official hometown of Santa Claus truly make Finland a must-see destination for Indians”.