Annual Belize Tourism Board Conference focuses on cultural immersion


Tourism industry stakeholders and international marketing experts converged at the Biltmore Plaza Hotel on October 18 to discuss a wide range of issues important to the local industry as part of this year’s Belize Tourism Board (BTB) Annual Tourism Conference.

The conference evolves from the BTB’s strategic plan on equipping stakeholders with pertinent and relevant information for the industry’s enhancement.

The one-day conference was held under the theme ‘Destination Marketing and the Impact on our Belize Market’. The sessions in the conference focussed on cultural immersion trends in tourism and also included discussions on combating the challenges facing the tourism industry today.

The conference commenced with an informative video entitled ‘Where did the Year Go?’ which highlighted the industry’s major accomplishments during 2018 and 2019.

The conference included dynamic speakers from the United Kingdom, the U.S., the Caribbean, Mexico and Europe. These included Stephanie M Jones, President and CEO, Cultural Heritage Alliance for Tourism Inc; Deborah Hickling, Principal Consultant, G Consults; Charlene Drakes, Executive Coordinator, Office of the Secretary-General, CTO; Richard Peterson, President and CEO, U.S. Cultural & Heritage Marketing Council; Carol Hay, Director of Marketing UK & Europe; Jane Madden, Managing Partner, Global Sustainability & Social Impact, Finn Partners; Diane MacEachern, Founder and CEO of Big Green Purse; Dr Janice Cumberbatch, Lecturer Center for Resource Management and Environmental Studies, UWI and Earl Harris, Assistant Director of Strategic Services, CARICOM IMPACS.

Manuel Heredia Jr., Minister of Tourism & Civil Aviation was present during the conference among many other invited guests.

At the end of the conference, stakeholders and participants gained a better appreciation of the benefits of the aforementioned themes/concepts and their potential to contribute to the memorable visitor experience and a greater increase in visitor arrivals to Belize.