The Filmmuseum in Frankfurt holds a unique digital exhibition


Travel through the Digital Time Machine and explore the past 50 years of international digital history at the Filmmuseum in Frankfurt. The developments in games, movies, music videos, computers, phones and many other media that have become part of our lives can be experienced in this exhibit. The digital revolution has redefined art, communication and perception. Here, at the Digital Revolution exhibit, one can play, touch and experience the digital world.

The exhibition features both early digital technology – be it the Apple 2 8-bit computer (1977-1993) or pioneering examples of electronic music devices such as the Fairlight CMI (1979) – as well as an artistic exploration of the future. One can discover various interactive online games and marvel at the installation Escape III, where used cell phones have been transformed into bird sculptures. A large part of the exhibited objects is interactive so that the guests can experience the effect and aesthetics.

Films have been strongly influenced by digital technologies since the 1970s: the way of telling stories, the image design and the democratisation of production processes are the highlights of the exhibition.

Guests can also enjoy the best cake in the city at the film café. With a changing menu of hot food and a great selection of cakes and coffee, the café in the foyer of the museum is a popular lunchtime destination.

The digital revolution exhibition is open until November 10 from 10 am – 8 pm at the Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum, Frankfurt.