Visit Anaheim reveals a new cast of Uncommon Characters


Visit Anaheim has unveiled eight new characters to add to its thoroughly uncommon brand campaign, Uncommon Character. Launched in 2018, the Uncommon Character campaign was created to illustrate the destination’s new infectious energy and innovative characters that are ushering in a massive change to the city’s landscape. The campaign peals back the curtain and reveal unexpected hot spots, trendy culinary and craft beer experiences and revamped neighbourhood spaces, inviting visitors to experience a whole new side of Anaheim.

“Visit Anaheim’s Uncommon Character campaign celebrates our local uncommon characters that create the unique experiences our 24 million visitors encounter when they visit Anaheim,” said Charles Harris, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Visit Anaheim. “Characters are in Anaheim’s DNA and this campaign gives us the ability to show our makeup and why coming to Anaheim will truly transform you.”

Created by San Diego-based advertising agency, Greenhaus, the Uncommon Character campaign draws inspiration from Anaheim’s rich story-telling heritage and larger than life cast of characters rooted in the city’s DNA. To paint the picture of what is uncommon to Anaheim, Visit Anaheim worked with local tastemakers and disruptors to craft a cast of uncommon characters. The newest eight characters join the original seven characters launched in 2018 and include outdoor and theme park enthusiasts, shopping experts and pink knights in shining armour.

Targeting both leisure and meeting/convention guests coming to Anaheim, the newest set of characters emulate the new sights, sounds, flavours and vibes that are spreading across the destination. As Anaheim continues to grow, develop and add character to its city infrastructure with new luxury hotels, innovative businesses and theme park developments, visitors can look forward to meeting new characters over the next few years that will represent these new experiences.