Lufthansa City Centre participates at TAAI Knowledge Conclaves


Travel Agent Association of India (TAAI) recently held its Knowledge Conclave series in five different regional cities – Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and Indore, reaching out to the members of the respective regions to join, in order to understand the current trends, future opportunities and issues in highly interactive sessions to help members gain insights and solutions for earning maximum share of the booming travel industry.

The major topics extensively discussed were Aviation Trends; Trends in Travel & Tourism and its impact; Technology disrupting travel management; Corporate Travel (experience sharing); IATA New Age Capabilities Impacting TA’s and Stand Alone vs Consortia.

Devendra Parekh represented Lufthansa City Centre in India and shared his views on continuing as a Stand Alone Agency vs joining Consortia. Parekh explained how he directed a stand-alone agency for 20 years before he decided to join Lufthansa City Centre 10 years back. He analysed the pros and cons of both sides of the table in detail with clarity of undeniable gains for small and medium-sized enterprises that can pool vivid resources and collaborate in the present market scenario. The details of such gains were described by Parekh citing the benefits of all TAAI members and optimum opportunities to the following.

He said, “We thank the Travel Agent Association of India for ideating such a useful concept for Executive Education and Networking. Lufthansa City Centre is privileged to be associated with these Knowledge Conclaves and exchange of views with the members from every region in India. These conclaves need to continue in a sustainable manner in times to come. I express my sincere gratitude to Sunil Kumar, President of TAAI, who came up with such a brilliant idea that enabled better learning, value additions and sharing of priceless views from other veteran speakers of the industry for the betterment of all TAAI members.”