Google Flights launches airfare prediction feature, guarantees competitive prices

Google Flights has introduced an interesting update for the benefit of its users: a predictive feature that allows for a comparative analysis of flight fares at any given point of time. With the introduction of this feature, passengers will be shown whether the price of their selected flights is high, low or typical for that route. In addition, for some flights Google will notify the user if the price has the possibility of skyrocketing. You may also check flight prices with the help of the ‘Track Prices’ feature. 

The new predictive feature will track prices for a few weeks after a booking has been made till the time of boarding to ensure every user gets the best deal on bookings. 

However, the most interesting benefit of the predictive feature assures moneyback for a limited period. For flights booked between August 13 and September 2, Google Flights will assure you of lowest airfares on the given route failing which, the ticket amount will be refunded to the user.