Goa bans single-use plastic items to be plastic-free by 2022


In a bid to achieve the target to make Goa plastic-free by 2022, the state government has decided to ban the use of single-use plastic such as straws, disposable glasses, bags and cutlery from September. Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) has announced this ban from its hotels and headquarters on an immediate basis.

The state pledged to be free of single-use plastic for its New Year’s resolution last year. Now the state government is taking proactive steps to achieve its target of limiting plastic usage in the state.

Dayanand Sopte, Chairman of GTDC said, “This decision of eliminating plastic items across the state will go a long way in contributing towards a cleaner and greener Goa. Growing plastic waste is a major cause of concern for all the states in India and it becomes our duty to come up with solutions. Plastic bottles are amongst the major plastic items used in the tourism industry and they alone contribute to over 20% of plastic pollution in the oceans. To put a stop on plastic pollution we have taken this decision.”

Instead of plastics, water, tea, coffee etc. will now be served in paper cups and glasses. Water dispensers, water filters will be installed at the tourism head office and the corporation acquired hotels so that the use of plastic bottles can be eliminated.

“We at GTDC have taken on this campaign from the head office first and all our residencies will execute this within the next three months so that we can play a significant role in the endeavour to conserve the environment. This decision of banning the use of single-use plastic items will help towards creating an environmentally sustainable tourism sector,” added Sopte.

He also added that the department will rope in the tourism stakeholders and other partners in the hospitality sector to be part of the large campaign against the use of plastic bottles and plastic items.