Bee+Hive launches booking platform for sustainable tourism

Bee+Hive has launched a booking platform featuring a search engine that curates sustainable travel experiences for its users. The not-for-profit organisation unites hotels and partners committed to the cause of sustainable tourism practices. 

Speaking of the launch, Founder Bruno Correa said, “People are interested in travelling responsibly, but the process of identifying and selecting genuinely sustainable options is complicated.” He added, “In addition, there is a growing interest in making travel choices based on experiences that are unique and transformative. Our booking engine will help do both.”

The service is aimed at providing travellers with the ability to plan a vacation based on sustainable experiences and the chance to support global sustainable tourism. Booking revenues generated by users of the site will be reinvested in furthering the organisation’s mission. 

Travellers who visit the website will be given the option to search for sustainable experiences to start planning their trip. For example, a traveller who wants to swim with sharks will search for the experience and be offered location and hotel options accordingly. The site confirms availability on the selected dates before inviting the user to reserve. 

Correa explained, “A responsible hotel cares about developing the local ecosystem and its community. And the best way to do this is by offering authentic activities that reflect the destination. As a not-for-profit, all of Bee+Hive’s revenues will be reinvested on promotional efforts for legitimate and inspiring sustainable hotels and experiences, in a virtuous circle where more hotels join our movement.” 

Bee+Hive only promotes hotels and experiences that give back to the local environment. The association works closely with its members to develop unique travel experiences with sustainability at their core, including preserving and rehabilitating wildlife and ecology, ensuring viable socio-economic projects for the local community and protecting cultural expression.