Aqua Expeditions unveils new fleet additions: Aqua Blu and Aqua Nera


One of the leading boutique luxury cruise lines Aqua Expeditions officially announced two new fleet additions: Aqua Blu and Aqua Nera. Aqua Blu is Aqua Expeditions’ first coastal ship and the first-ever long-range expedition-class yacht to be permanently based in the East Indonesian Archipelago with year-round departures.

Partnering with internationally-renowned yacht designer Cor D. Rover, the completely refurbished Aqua Blu is endowed with a rich heritage as the former British Naval Explorer HMS Beagle. To begin service on November 16, 2019, Aqua Blu will primarily serve three destinations on seven-night coastal cruise itineraries:

  • Raja Ampat (Round-trip; December through to February; 10 departures/year)
  • Bali-Komodo National Park (Bi-directional; April to September; 23 departures/year)
  • Ambon & Spice Islands (Round-trip; October to November; seven departures/year)

Opening up the opportunity of exploring multiple destinations in East Indonesia on a single itinerary and discovering exotic locales such as The Forgotten Islands, Aqua Blu will also offer highly-limited 12-night journeys. Called Limited Cross-Destination Voyages, there will be a maximum of four departures a year, each sailing a different route.

Aqua Nera, a new-build river cruise boat, features a high-concept interior by renowned architect Noor Design. Designed and constructed in Vietnam, the vessel will sail to the Peruvian Amazon, where it will begin operations on August 1, 2020. Aqua Nera will offer three, four and seven-night river cruise itineraries.

As Aqua Expeditions vessels both Aqua Blu and Aqua Nera feature world-class cuisine experiences by renowned consulting chefs. Both Aqua Blu and Aqua Nera are now open for booking.