Millennials ushering in a new wave in wedding destinations

In the last few decades, the wedding industry has witnessed a rapid evolution. Owing to growing customer demand, a myriad of new ideas, careers, desires, destinations and possibilities have arisen.

Wedding is a joyous affair and whether grand or intimate, millennial couples want their weddings to be customised uniquely for them. They demand extraordinary planning from the wedding planners, to be executed in a way which is traditional yet modern in approach. It is a fast-evolving ecosystem and wedding planners must be at the forefront of the changes that the wedding industry is undergoing every day. This will help them to tailor their approach to better plan the most celebrated occasion of a person’s life, as highlighted by Tamarind.

Tamarind Global has celebrated 13 years in the industry and established a position of leadership as one of the leading luxury wedding planners in the business. As elucidated by Kunal Rai, VP, Wedding and Events at Tamarind Global, Millennials are taking a much more active role in the decision-making, because of which the entire process and expectations from a wedding have changed quite a bit.”

He explained how this change has affected the wedding planning process, “Over the years, we have tweaked our approach, business model and teams based on the changing landscape of the industry. Today, one of our biggest assets is our large in-house team, which very few other planners retain on an annual basis. In addition to it, the team is a perfect blend of experienced professionals along with young, passionate and dynamic individuals with the millennial gene. The wedding business is  completely people driven and we have invested in the best and most creative talent. We’ve taken care to groom, mentor and train at each level. All this enables us to provide the best-in-class service and the utmost professionalism and expertise.”

According to Rai, it is essential for all professionals to keep themselves up-to-date with periodic training and proactive R&D. Tamarind emphasises on growing the databases of possible destinations, partners and promoting informative initiatives such as Trends with Tamarind that also give the clients an insight into the seasonal changes. Since the millennial client is already so well informed, Tamarind makes sure they stay one step ahead.

In this world which accepts and rejects trends at an ultra-fast pace, one must learn to adapt with every experience, every season, every wedding, and in turn, be prepared for the next card to be dealt.