Travelport places an ‘X’ for non-binary gender travellers


Travelport implements a new booking code for non-binary airline passengers from June 1.

The new code offers the option to choose ‘X’, rather than ‘M’ or ‘F’, when a passenger is required to provide such advance passenger information. Such information needs to be provided for customers travelling to or in transit to Algeria, Canada, China (except Hong Kong), Iran, Jamaica, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, Morocco, Pakistan, South Africa, Spain, Syria, Thailand, USA and the UAE.

Travelport has pledged to make the code available to all of the 480 airlines on its platform who choose to adopt it. A number of these, such as United, American Airlines and Delta have confirmed they are preparing to bring in the new code option.

The option to choose ‘X’ will need to be matched with the passenger’s passport or identity document. Argentina, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, India, Ireland, Malta, New Zealand, Nepal, The Netherlands and Pakistan already offer an option other than ‘M’ or ‘F’ on passports – in most cases ‘X’. X passports are approved by the ICAO, the UN agency that regulates international air travel.

Commenting on the introduction of the new code, Gordon Wilson, President and CEO of Travelport said, “As a company committed to diversity and promoting travel for all, we are delighted that the new code for non-binary gender passengers has now been introduced. We hope more airlines will provide this option to ensure their customers are fully respected and welcomed. For us ‘X’ marks a vote for diversity, dignity and respect.”