India ranks 3rd among top nationalities visiting Saudi Arabia for Umrah

India ranked third in terms of the world’s top nationalities that visited Saudi Arabia last week to perform the Umrah. According to the cumulative statistics of the weekly Umrah Index of the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah in Saudi Arabia, an estimated at 621,742 pilgrims from India set foot in Saudi Arabia.

As the holy month of Ramadan presents an opportune moment, many Muslims across the world prefer to perform Umrah during Ramadan, often considered equal to the Hajj (greater pilgrimage) in reward.

The Ministry also disclosed that Saudi Arabia’s Umrah index monitored 7.2 million visa issuances until May 16, bringing the total number of arrivals to 6.6 million pilgrims.

The Ministry’s index also revealed that Pakistan is still the top contributor of Umrah pilgrims, with a count of 1.454 million, followed by Indonesia with 922,018 Umrah pilgrims. Egypt ranked fourth in terms of the top nationalities which visit Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah with 510,119 pilgrims until 11 Ramadan (May 16).

In the fifth place comes Algeria with 325,744 Umrah pilgrims while in the sixth place stands Yemen with 305,264 Umrah performers, followed by Turkey with 296,802 and then Malaysia with 265,924 Umrah performers. Iraq ranked ninth with 250,780 Umrah pilgrims, followed by Jordan with 184,110 pilgrims.