goimomi announces #GreenHajj2019 challenge to promote responsible tourism


goimomi.com, a premier Islamic travel portal from India has launched the #GreenHajj2019 challenge shortly before the iconic pilgrimage commences this year. The holy journeys of Hajj and Umrah are undertaken by over 1.2 lakh pilgrims from India every year, in addition to a large number of pilgrims from all over the world. The immense traffic of pilgrims often leads to the production of huge volumes of waste, misuse of ecological resources, etc. causing environmental damage.

In a bid to make the holy journey a sustainable one, goimomi.com’s #GreenHajj2019 challenge is urging all pilgrims to practice eco-friendly methods of travel. Some of these include purchasing reusable products like water bottles, plates, spoons, etc. to reduce plastic usage; regulated usage of water for ablution and other activities to avoid wastage; maintaining cleanliness and avoiding public littering; preventing food wastage, choosing public transport over private and travelling in safe health.

goimomi has invited the government authorities to support this initiative, spreading the word about #GreenHajj2019 Challenge among every group organiser around the world. The company has also urged every Hajj travel group as well as all individual travellers to take up this challenge and promote the eco-friendly practices among their customers and peers respectively.