Très 2019: A travel showcase of the finest experiential hotels in the Indian sub-continent

The third edition of Très saw an incredible turnout. It created a successful bridge between those promoting India as a destination, both from within the country and outside of it, and those who have changed the roadmap of Indian travel as we see it today. 50 of the finest boutique hotels from across the Indian sub-continent were showcased to around 100 top Indian Destination Management Companies and bespoke tour operators, 40 foreign tour operators, and 50 domestic travel agents, and were all by invite only. The properties and experiences were themed as Heritage and Rajasthan, Experiences, Oceans and Islands and the South, Urban Design and Himalayas, Terai and the Forests.

The event commenced with an address by Sowmya Vijaymohan, Founder Partner Très and Shoba Mohan, Partner Très, which was followed by a rendition of two beautiful songs symbolising hopes and dreams, keeping mother earth at the centre of it all. This set a vibrant and musical tone to the two days of this incredibly successful showcase.

Speaking about the event and its success, Sowmya Vijaymohan, Founder Partner Très said, “With Très, our aim is to create a property that not only showcases boutique hotels and unique travel experiences but also reflects this ideology in its execution, formatting, and the design.”

Aside from the morning scheduled meetings, six Discover Sessions and four Ignite Workshops were also held to enhance knowledge on destinations, theme and industry trends. These were conducted by industry leaders as well as passionate hoteliers who weaved together remarkable stories of their heritage, their passion in sketching out a new image of India as a destination.

The Green Initiative

From its inception, Très has instituted a green policy and has put into practice small efforts like being plastic free, refraining from using Flex or boards, and encouraging hoteliers to reduce the use of packaging, USBs, printing brochures, flyers, etc. Instead, our recommendations promoted the use of cloth, jute, canvas, recycled board, digital presentation and transfer of data, etc. All travels pre and post, for delegates, had a definitive ‘no pet bottle’ policy wherein they had been encouraged to carry their own bottles (branded and provided by Très) and regularly refill them with the RO water from the venue, hotels, etc.

Recycled cardboard was used for the event to make creative banners, partitions, round tables and more. There was a beautiful tree made again from recycled cardboard that was adorned by marigold to bring out the essence of Très, its commitment to sustainability and community impact, its vibrancy and spirit and the promise of a new and strong foundation for the travel and tourism industry and travellers alike.