JNTO, Thomas Cook and ANA conduct joint promotional activity at Mumbai Airport

Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) along with Thomas Cook and All Nippon Airways (ANA) conducted a joint promotional activity to promote tourism to Japan from the Indian market at both domestic and international airports of Mumbai. The promotional activity started from February 15 and ended on February 21.

This Joint Promotion Project was aimed to increase and develop the number of Indian travellers to Japan and to improve the degree of private travellers’ recognition between the age of 30-50 as a travel destination by holding an exhibition at Mumbai Airport. A booth was set up that focused on sightseeing in Japan for a certain period where the target demographic was gathered and carried out dissemination of information to the general consumers.

‘Tourism Vision to Support the Future of Japan’, which was formulated in March 30, 2016, states tourism should be the main pillar for Japanese economic growth and regional revitalisation. The Japanese Government has set goals on the number of inbound tourists (40 million by 2020, 60 million by 2030) and the value of tourism consumption by foreign travellers (8 trillion by 2020, 15 trillion by 2030), with eyes focused on 2020 or to ensure Japan’s future as a high-quality tourism-oriented nation.