Road Trippers club a community of road trip enthusiasts around India

Road Trippers Club is a non-profit passionately growing community of roadtrippers which is fuelled with the idea of enabling people to discover new places, people and experiences. It has chapters in eight cities — Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Guwahati, Nashik, Aurangabad, Nagpur, and Hyderabad.

Speaking exclusively to Travel News Digest, Ruchik Gandhi, Core Community Member, Road Trippers Club explained the brain storming behind the initiative, he commented, “Road Trippers Club (RTC) is a passionately, fast-growing community for people who like hitting the road, meeting new people and discovering new experiences. It is a community of beginners and enthusiasts who help each other in making road trips safer and more fun.”

Explaining further, Gandhi added, “We have observed a growing tribe of people who may not know each other but come together for the common joy of travelling, road tripping, discovery and getting out of the city. RTC facilitates such people to come together and make the tribe bigger and catalyse the shifting idea of a weekend from 5 km radius to 500 km, from clubs in the cities to chai in the hills.

Speaking about the Indian tourism sector, Gandhi quipped, “We feel that the Indian tourism sector is at its inflection point with more and more city dwellers wanting to live the weekend life. We see many of them who have cut down on their long expensive holiday plans and instead take shorter but more frequent getaways.”

“More Indians are also opting for travel choices which are not bound to any itinerary,” he added.

Gandhi said that places like Leh and Ladakh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are ideal locations for a perfect road trip in India.

While concluding, Gandhi said, “Road trip to us is the most honest and grounded way of discovering places near us, meeting people and experiencing new.”