Morocco receives 9.5 million tourists from January to September 2018

Morocco received 9.5 million tourists and saw an increase in arrivals by 8% from January to September as compared to the same period in 2017, as per the statistics released by the Tourism Observatory.

Morocco received tourists majorly from Italy and U.S., rising up to 15% each, followed by Germany and France with an increase of 11% and 8% respectively. The country saw an increase of 3% in tourist arrivals from the Netherlands.

Compared to the period of January to September 2017, the similar period in 2018 saw an increase of 9% in overnights stays at hotels in Morocco.

Overnight stays Marrakech and Agadir cities increased by 10% and 9% respectively.

Other Moroccan cities like Tangier, Fez and Rabat also saw an increase in overnight stays with an increase of 10%, 21% and 11% respectively.