Mexico witnesses 6.9% increase in tourist arrivals; expects 45 million tourists in 2019

Mexico tourism saw an increase of 6.9% in international tourists arrivals from the period January to September 2018, as compared to the same period in 2017, as per Hector Flores Santana, CEO, Mexico Tourism Board (MTB).

Tourism revenue increased by 4.5% as compared to last year with USD 16.6 billion. Santana said that the tourism revenue is the third highest source of net income in Mexico.

Revealing the marketing plan for Mexico tourism in 2019, Santana said that MTB will continue its promotional campaigns – Viajemos Todos Por México,’ ‘A World of Its OwnandDear Country’. MTB will introduce a new campaign next year – ‘Dear States’, inspired by ‘Dear Mexicans’.

“In 2018, in accordance with the trend from January to September, the outlook is that we will have had 42,423,000 tourists by the end of the year and a total expenditure from international visitors of USD 22.3 billion is estimated, in other words, 4.6% more than 2017,” said Miguel Torruco Marques, Secretary, Mexico Tourism.

Marques confirmed that about 23,200 hotels and resorts will be in operation by the end of this year, which means the total number of rooms will be around 834,000.

45 million international tourists are expected in 2019 in Mexico, as per tourism officials. According to Marques, next year visitors will spend about USD 23.26 billion.