Argentina plans to promote ecotourism; to increase air connectivity

In the recently organised World Travel Market in London, delegates from Argentina’s Secretariat of State for Tourism announced the new initiatives to develop sustainable ecotourism in the nation and new plans of improving flight connectivity to the popular tourist destinations.

Argentina saw seven million travellers in 2017 and is looking forward to welcoming nine million tourists by 2020. In a bid to churn revenue from the travel sector, the country has planned more than 80 projects which are planned to be executed over the next year.

Additionally, USD 232 million is set aside to be invested in architectural and urban renovation schemes.

Argentina is also promoting its 46 national protected area which includes four UNESCO World Heritage sites to boost sustainable tourism. The nation is planning to increase air connectivity by renovating the major airports to support more than 1,000 new routes. Argentina has increased the rate of international flight by 20% since 2015.

Describing the future plans to explore the vast tourism opportunities, Sebastián Slobayen, Under-secretary of Coordination, National Tourism Ministry, Argentina quipped, “We are delighted to be in London this week to partake in WTM and announce that Argentina is open for business, for investment, for tourism and for growth.”

“We understand that visitors today seek a greater sense of community, and care about the countries they visit. This is why we have launched a new sustainable plan to preserve our country and benefit the quality of life of local communities. Our country is our main asset, we wish to protect it, invest in it and above all share it,” he added.