Technology is making travel seamless for Millennials: Saurabh Sharma, Founder and Director of Travel Unravel Holidays

With more than 300 million active internet users, India is one of the booming countries in travel tech space. When it comes to booking tickets, choosing a travel package or searching about a particular destination more and more Indians are going online for all their travel woes.

Speaking exclusively to Travel News Digest, Saurabh Sharma, Founder and Director of Travel Unravel Holidays Pvt Ltd talked about the new advancement in the field of travel and technology. Sharma said, “With the growth in technology in the travel industry and the rise in the awareness of the travellers, there is now an ease of booking. The travellers have the freedom of choice to compare the prices, to enjoy a seamless process where everything is happening online. Starting from planning to the ticketing process, everything is now online.”

When asked how traditional way of booking tickets and planning a holiday has been hindered by technology, Sharma quipped, “In the traditional way of booking, people were essentially dependent upon the travel agent which used to make it a lengthy and time-consuming process leading to delays. But now all of that information is already handy and is made available to the traveller which enhances the experience.”

He also said that millennial travellers are now becoming more aware and with the growth of technology the process has become completely seamless. “Now they can draw price comparisons, check out online reviews and know the destination inside out before even visiting. This has happened as a blessing by technology for the millennial travellers,” he added.

Talking about the future of travel tech confluence, he remarked, “With the growth in the travel-tech, I think the future has the robots handling the front desk, virtual reality enhancing the travel experience and the process of travelling becoming a whole lot more seamless than what it already is in the 21st century.”

Sharma also said that online transaction in India has undergone a rapid shift in the recent few years.

Speaking about the new trends in Indian travel space, Sharma commented, “Now Indians are choosing to explore destinations like South America and South Africa; which were the places that were never on any travellers wishlist. This is a clear sign that Indians now want to go outside their comfort zone and have new adventures.