Hislop to film her short stories to increase tourists to Greece

Victoria Hislop, one of the best-selling British authors will collaborate with Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) to convert some of her short stories into films. The purpose behind this conversion is to introduce all the unexplored sides of Greece.

At the recently held World Travel Mart London, Hislop was a guest at the press conference organised by GNTO. She has written many books based on Greece which also includes the novel – The Island.

The short stories by Hislop will be filmed in 2019 and screened in 2020.

“They will take people below the surface and introduce them to another side of Greece, away from the seaside resorts because it would be a shame to visit Greece and see only the beach,” Hislop said.

According to Greek Tourism Minister Elena Kountoura, the aim to establish Greece as a 365- day destination is now becoming a reality.