PATA partners with The Travel Corporation to address food waste in tourism sector

To address food waste in tourism, the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) has announced a partnership with The Travel Corporation (TTC).

As an official sponsor of the BUFFET (Building an Understanding for Food Excess in Tourism) initiative, TTC has made a commitment to help raise awareness of food waste in the travel and tourism industry and along with PATA, challenges other industry stakeholders, particularly the hospitality sector, to reduce food waste to landfill.

“The Travel Corporation along with its not-for-profit organisation, The TreadRight Foundation have always been leaders in sustainable tourism principles and practices. It is a pleasure to be working with a highly successful international travel group and socially responsible organisation to bring greater awareness to an issue that if unchecked, will only get worse with the significant growth expected in the tourism industry, especially in the Asia Pacific region,” said Dr Mario Hardy, CEO, PATA.

“I look forward to working with The Travel Corporation’s team and hope that our efforts encourage others to reduce their food waste to make a tangible impact in our industry and environment,” he added.

Speaking on the occasion, Brett Tollman, Chief Executive, The Travel Corporation said, “The tourism and hospitality sectors have to take immediate action to find solutions that can help reduce food waste, ensuring a direct impact to reducing carbon emissions. Climate change has greatly affected some tourism destinations, and it is imperative that everyone takes on a proactive role to drive positive change and protect our planet for future generations.”

“What better way to support such a meaningful initiative through the youth challenge where we will get to hear the ideas of how to reduce food wastage from youths from all around the region. It is so important that we give these youths a platform to share their ideas about environmental issues, responsibility and action,” added Tollman.

Food waste is the third biggest contributor to climate change One-third of all foods produced in the world is wasted.

Additional pressures arise from GHG emissions caused by food production and transportation right now, 842 million people do not have enough to eat and with an estimated world population of 9.8 billion people in 2050, resources will be limited and more people will be hungry.

PATA continues to seek further engagement with hotels that would like to reduce their food waste to landfill, hotels already implementing food waste solutions, potential partners and sponsors, as well as those who would like to help us in raising awareness and building a better understanding of food excess in tourism.